The Mark




Square Meter / The Mark


Brøndbyøster, Denmark


Shelving System, bed, kitchenette, Wall Mirror, Frame, Wall Hook

The Mark is a new student housing concept located in Brøndbyøster, west of Copenhagen.  It is the first complete interior project by MOEBE. All rooms have a kitchenette, a combined shelving system, closet and desk along with a bed. The interior is custom made to suit each room - all in order to optimize the space and the daily routines.


Throughout the design process, specific design solutions were tested, reworked and implemented. All in close collaboration with client and site developers. 


As with all MOEBE designs, the interior is designed with modularity in mind. The designs are component based, so in case a part should break, then only the piece that is broken needs to be replaced rather than the product as a whole.​ Everything is repair and replace. This is how we think sustainability. 


The first part of the project with 140 rooms is ready for the students to move in during summer 2020.

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