On December 1st, Paustian opened the doors to their new Concept Store situated in the grand buildings of an old bank in central Copenhagen. The store consists of two main large floor spaces. A big task for Paustian was, therefore, to break up the two spaces into smaller sections and provide a sense of focus and contemplation. Shelving System was the perfect solution. A uniquely flexible system, which allowed them to play around and create spaces within spaces.

“We know how important flexibility is for shops when choosing interior pieces for their floor space. Flexibility to be able to build the interior as needed - and to be able to keep redecorating over time.”

– Anders Thams

With Shelving System, we designed a system that can be expanded and altered to any room - shop as home. As Shelving System is constructed around the basic principle of the wedge, it can be built as tall, wide and deep as you like. Around corners and with the number of shelves and shelf space you need. Likewise, the shelving system has no backside and therefore, also works well free-standing - perfect as a room divider in larger rooms, as it has also been used in Paustian’s new Concept Store.

“We are honoured that Paustian saw the value in this flexibility that our shelving system provides and are happy to be represented in such a spectacular way in their new Concept Store.”

– Anders Thams, Partner and designer at MOEBE

Read more about our Shelving System here.

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