23 places we don't want you to miss!

Paris has always been an important city for us and our journey. It’s the city of our first big fair, a great place of inspiration, and the home of our good friends and partners Maxime and Lionel from Ouhlålaaa.


Maxime and Lionel have been living in Paris for more than 15 years. They are therefore a great source of inspiration for things to do and places to visit, including some of their own every day, more unknown go-to places. We always appreciate inside tips ourselves, and of course, want to share these places with all of you - Enjoy!

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The Maraís District

1  Terra


Even though Terra is one of the newer restaurants in the Marais District, it has quickly become one of our favourite dining places if you are going out for something a bit fancier than your “everyday” dining experience. The fine food and modern interior stand in contrast to the social dining concept and cozy atmosphere, almost like sitting inside a greenhouse or botanical garden enjoying your dinner.

21 Rue des Gravilliers

75003 Paris


Tuesday – Saturday: 7 pm - 12 am

Sunday – Monday: Closed

2  The Broken Arm

A must visit in the Marais district is the concept store The Broken Arm. Stepping into the store is almost like stepping into one of our favourite interior and lifestyle blogs. With its open space and minimalistic interior, each carefully selected piece gets the attention it deserves. After doing some browsing and shopping, you can relax in the adjoining coffee shop, where they also serve small breakfast- and lunch-plates.

12 Rue Perrée

75003 Paris

Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am - 7 pm

Sunday – Monday: Closed

3  Le Carreau


Only a skip away from The Broken Arm, you’ll find restaurant Le Carreau. Le Carreau isn’t the typical French bistro as it serves French cuisine with Asian accents. Its interior likewise combines the two. With its subdued lighting and dark tones it is unmistakably French, but the simple lines and Japanese tones bring you a little further east.

Photo: Yann Audic

1 rue Charles François Dupuis

75003 Paris


Monday – Friday: 8.30 am - 1.30 am

Saturday – Sunday: 9 am - 1.30 am


> 3RD & 4TH


5TH & 6TH

9TH & 10TH

11TH & 12TH

18TH & 19TH

4  Fleux

Fleux is probably Paris’s largest design shop. With its 1500 sqm and six shops, all located within 50 meters from each other, Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie is one big design mecca. At Fleux you will find a sharp selection of everything from furniture and lighting to tableware and interior accessories, including a large selection of Moebe items.

39 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie

75004, Paris


Monday – Friday: 11 am - 8 pm 

Saturday: 10.30 am - 8 pm

Sunday: 13 am - 8 pm

5  Le Ruisseau

After a visit at Fleux and (probably) intensive shopping, head to Le Ruisseau Burger Joint, in our opinion one of the best burgers in town. You can either choose to eat in and enjoy the lowkey, rustic wooden and tiled interior in the corridor-sized location or Take Away. If you order Take Away, le Centre Pompidou is only a 2-minute walk away.

22 Rue Rambuteau 

75003 Paris


Monday – Sunday: 12 pm - 10.30 pm

6  Pavillon de l'Arsenal

If you like us, are into architecture and the urban landscape around us, then Pavillon de l’Arsenal (the Paris Center for architecture and urbanism) is well worth a visit. Aside from the changing exhibitions, the museum also has a permanent exhibition that displays the metropolis of Paris, both as it was in the early days, how it is today and even how it will be in the future. A digital model provides visitors with a unique interactive experience and is designed to be constantly updated.

Photo: Pierre l’Excellent 

21 Boulevard Morland

75004 Paris


Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am - 7 pm 


Bohemian Paris



3RD & 4TH


> 5TH & 6TH

9TH & 10TH

11TH & 12TH

18TH & 19TH

7  Kodawari Ramen

The Saint-Germain district known for its cafe culture is also where you will find one of Paris’s best Ramen restaurants. Japan is always a great source of inspiration for us and Kodawari Ramen is definitely the place to go when we are longing for a taste of Tokyo. With a unique atmosphere, crazy gadgets, paper lanterns, and visible cables it is almost like being in one of Tokyo’s Yokocho alleys.

29 Rue Mazarine

75006 Paris


Sunday – Thursday: 12 pm - 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

 Friday – Saturday: 12 pm - 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm - 11 pm

8  Au Vieux Cédre

Jardin des Plantes is also a nice spot for a small picnic or outside lunch-break. If the weather allows it, we would definitely recommend going to Au Vieux Cédre, a small Lebanese place only a 10 minute walk away. Order a sandwich or salad to go and enjoy it in the Jardin des Plantes.

2 Rue Blainville

75005 Paris


Every day 11 am - 2 am

9  Jardin des Plantes

One of our go-to places to “get away” from the city is the Jardin des Plantes, which means the garden of plants. On a sunny day, take a stroll amongst the many different garden beds. If the weather doesn’t really allow this you can always explore the large greenhouses, where you step into a jungle of tropical plants.

57 Rue Cuvier

75005 Paris


Every day 7.30 am - 8 pm


From Opéra to Canal Saint Martin

10  Galeries Lafayette rooftop

Most of you probably already know of Lafayette, but have you ever been on their rooftop? Here you will get one of the best views of Paris - of course, it doesn’t beat the view from the Eiffel Tower - but the drinks from The Cube Bar does. During summer, you can enjoy them under open air and during  winter in two igloos when the bar is turned into The Ice Cube Bar.


40 Boulevard Haussmann, 7th Floor

75009 Paris

Monday – Sunday: 9.30 am - 7.30 pm

11  Place Sainte Marthe​


One of the hidden gems of the 10th district is Place Sainte Marthe. This place is like finding a small piece of Provence in the middle of Paris. A preferred spot on a Saturday. With its few terraces you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the sun, but be fast to grab a seat, as they fill up quickly when the sun is out.

Rue Saint-Marthe

75010 Paris


3RD & 4TH


5TH & 6TH

> 9TH & 10TH

11TH & 12TH

18TH & 19TH

12  Canal St Martin

After spending a few hours in the sun at Place Sainte Marthe, we always take a walk along the Canal Saint Martin and the nearby streets, if we have time. When the sun is out, this is a favourite hang-out spot for many of the young locals sitting on the edge of the canal - then you know it is summer.

Start point: Place de Stalingrad

End point: Quai de la Râpée 

13  Du Pain et des Idées

To be honest, we prefer to enjoy the walk along Canal Saint Martin on weekdays, but for one reason only: Du Pain et des Idées, our all-time favourite bakery, which you’ll pass on your walk. Unfortunately, Du Pain et des Idées is closed on weekends, but it is definitely a visit worth if you from time to time have a rare slow morning or afternoon on a weekday.

34 Rue Yves Toudic 

75010 Paris


Monday – Friday: 6.45am - 8pm 

14  La Trésorerie

In the 10th arrondissement, you’ll find La Trésorerie. A concept store that is somewhere between a design shop, pharmacy, and cafe. You can spend hours browsing the shop for the perfect ceramic piece, kitchen tool or design object, which also includes a selection of MOEBE designs.

11 Rue du Château d'Eau

75010 Paris

Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am - 7:30 pm

Monday – Sunday: Closed

15  Café Smörgås

After buying half of everything in La Trésorerie, your going to need a good cup of coffee. Fortunately, you'll find a great one right next door at Café Smörgås. Café Smörgås is a Scandinavian inspired cafe, which is actually a part of La Trésorerie. At Smörgås they are mostly known for their smørrebrød (open sandwiches), but the coffee is great and so too the pastries.

11 Rue du Château d'Eau

75010 Paris

Tuesday – Friday: 9 am - 4.30 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 6.30 pm

Sunday: Closed


De Popincourt & 

de Reuilly South East



3RD & 4TH


5TH & 6TH

9TH & 10TH

> 11TH & 12TH

18TH & 19TH

16  Passager

With no Wi-fi, this French café and coffee shop is a place we often go for lunch with our family and friends on weekends. The interior is very rustic with concrete elements and brick walls, however, the wooden chairs and patterned-tiled floor really warm up the place. If you’re there for breakfast we would recommend getting the Breakfast Bagel - it’s delicious.  

107 avenue Ledru Rollin

75011 Paris


Tuesday – Saturday: 8.30 am - 6.30 pm

Sunday: 10 am - 6.30 pm

Monday: Closed

17  Paperboy

Only a 10-minute walk from Maxime's apartment you will find Paperboy coffee shop. Paperboy has almost become a second office to us and a preferred meeting spot. Both the food they serve and the surroundings you’re in are the perfect mix of California’s laid back atmosphere and colourful dishes and Japan’s minimalistic decor and signature ingredients.  

137 Rue Amelot

75011 Paris

Monday – Sunday 10 am - 4 pm

18  Le Baron Rouge

Le Baron Rouge is in our opinion, France at its best. Wine, cheese, charcuterie, and oysters to eat standing in the street or inside. There are a few seats inside, but Le Baron Rouge is meant as a casual come-and-go place and therefore mostly have room for standing customers. The place is filled with red wine crates and even the outside tables are built up of empty crates.

1 Rue Théophile Roussel

75012 Paris

Monday: 5 pm - 10 pm

Tuesday – Friday: 10 am - 2 pm, 5 am - 10 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm

Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

19  Le Marché d'Aligre

A 2-minute walk from Le Baron Rouge, you’ll find Paris’s best farmers market to satisfy your French grocery shopping. Le Marché d’Aligre is the place we go for grocery shopping if we’re going to make a dinner that's a little over the usual, and have the time to just stroll through the different food sections.

Rue d'Aligre et, Place d'Aligre

75012 Paris, France


Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 9 am - 1 pm, 4 pm - 7.30 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm, 3.30 am - 7.30 pm

Sunday: 9 am - 2.30 pm

20  Lac Daumesnil

In the southeast part of the 12th arrondissement, you will find another of our favourite weekend getaway spots, Lac Daumesnil. This lake is located in the Bois de Vincennes park, only 45 minutes away from Notre Dame with the metro. We often buy some food on the way from Le Marche d’Aligre and have a picnic or rent a boat to just chill.

75012 Paris


Butte-Montmartre &




3RD & 4TH


5TH & 6TH

9TH & 10TH

11TH & 12TH

> 18TH & 19TH

21  Au Bon Coin

After your (almost mandatory) visit to Montmartre, you should go and get a bite to eat and a glass of wine from one of Lionel’s favourite bistros - very close to his own apartment. Au Bon Coin is a typical French bistro with typical French dishes in a retro atmosphere. And the best thing; their good selection of wines for fair prices.

49 Rue des Cloys

75018 Paris


Monday – Sunday: 8 am - 12 am

22  Cités des Sciences & La Géode

If you’re an architect-enthusiast like us, you should go visit Cité des Sciences (City of Science and Industry) just for the architecture. The building itself is quite spectacular, and if you have children, it will also be a fun place for them to explore.


Right next to it, and definitely a structure you wouldn’t be able to miss, is the large steel dome La Géode. With its mirror-finish, the dome reflects all of its surroundings. Inside you’ll find a 360° cinema.  

30 + 26 Avenue Corentin Cariou

75019 Paris

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday: 10 am - 7 pm

23  La Traversée

In the 18th arrondissement you will find La Traversee, a restaurant known for its small plates to share and good cocktails. This combination makes La Traversee the perfect spot for a night out with close friends. The dishes served change from week to week depending on the season and the local quality products.

2 Rue Ramey

75018 Paris


Monday: 6 pm - 12 am

Tuesday – Friday: 12 pm - 2 pm, 6 pm - 2 am

Saturday: 12.30 pm - 3 pm

Sunday: Closed

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