Component based


Shelving System is flat packed and component based. Allowing you to mix and match different parts and sizes to match your needs. 


Shelves at any height

As the shelves are held in place by wedges there are therefore no predefined positions. You can place a shelf at any height and add as many shelves as you like.


Build as tall as you like


Legs are in two sizes;  85 cm and 115 cm. Both legs can be attached together in any combination. The only limitation is the height of your space. 


Build as wide as you like


Simply keep adding leg sets and shelves in whichever direction you want to go. One bay measures 85 cm. Because of the overlap each additional bay will add 78 cm to the length.  



Rotate to any angle

Add a new bay at any angle, simply pivot around a shared leg - or join together to continue in the same direction.

Navigate different levels


Be it up a set of stairs or simply navigating an uneven floor. Each leg can be adjusted in height independently, allowing you to easily deal with tricky uneven surfaces.

Material and finishes

The wedges are made from solid oak, whereas each shelf is made from an MDF core with either an oiled or black-stained oak finish. The white system is made with out a veneer and is instead flat and solid in colour. The surface is lacquered,  smooth to the touch and matt. The MDF core makes the shelf consistent in strength, and stable in dimensions, meaning that it doesn’t expand or contract.  Each leg is made from steel tube, given a fine grain powder coat finish in black or white. 

          Oak with  black/white legs



Against a wall


We always recommend where possible to secure the system to at least one adjoining wall. Each system is supplied with at least two security clips, which you slide onto a leg and screw into the wall. 



Should you want to build a free-standing system that is higher than 85 cm, we recommend that you either build a back-to-back system or make a 90-degree angle after every third bay. 

Add a function:


With the CLOTHES BAR, you can easily turn your shelving system into a wardrobe perfect for the bedroom or hallway. The clothes bar simply grips onto the edge of the shelf.

Add a function: 


The DESK allows you to combine storage and display space with a small office space. The desk is simply replaced by one of the shelves, and can, therefore be placed at any given height.

Add a function: 


The CABINET can be placed at any height within the system, and still allows for the shelves to be placed at either side. The cabinet comes flat packed and consist of 2 custom shelves, 2 side panels, a back plate and doors. With an internal shelf available as an extra piece.

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