26 places we don't want you to miss!

Copenhagen is our home and daily source of inspiration. Most of our favourite areas and places can be found in the streets of Copenhagen. Some more known than others. Either way, we want you to experience them with us. 

As you may know, Copenhagen is known as one of the busiest bike cities in the world. Biking in Copenhagen is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get around. So hop on a bike. Most hotels have bikes their guests can borrow, but if not, there are bike rental shops all over Copenhagen. 

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Bredgade and surrounding area

We will begin the guide in our beloved neighbourhood of our old showroom around Bredgade in inner Copenhagen. 


1  Toldboden

The neighbourhood around Bredgade is also where one of our partners Martin lives. During weekends Martin and his wife often like to start their day off with a good brunch. One of Copenhagen’s best brunches, and one of their favourite, is at Restaurant Toldboden, located right down to the harbour overlooking the Opera. During summer you should sit outside in the sun chairs on the quayside and enjoy the view. If you’re visiting in the colder period you can still enjoy the view from behind Toldboden’s large windows. Be sure to book a table in advance, as it gets really busy during the weekends.

Nordre Toldbod 18-24

1259 København K



2  Kastellet

If you are up for a walk, forget about going down to the little mermaid, instead take a walk around the Citadel (Kastellet), one of the best-preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe. Kastellet’s raised paths were our preferred after-work running route when we were located in Bredgade. You get nature-ish surroundings without leaving inner Copenhagen. And with its star-shape you get an almost 360-degree view of the surrounding areas, not least a beautiful view of the harbour. 

Kastellet 1

2100 København


Finding small spots where you can escape from the busy city-life is something we really cherish. Zeleste’s courtyard is one of these small sanctuaries in the middle of Copenhagen. The vibe is cosy and calm. The courtyard is open all year round. During summer you sit under the open sky, but when it gets cold the courtyard is roofed over and they fire up the outdoor fireplace. Go there for a short coffee break or lunch. The food is simple but delicious, with a focus on seasonal specialities. 

Store Strandstræde 6

1255 København K






4   Designmuseum Denmark

You could almost say that Designmuseum Denmark was our second meeting room. Just across the street from our old showroom, this was one of our favourite places to have meetings either outside in the museums garden or inside at Klint Café. The main attractions are however the various exhibitions. We definitely recommend the permanent exhibition ‘The Danish Chair’ where you literally go to chair-heaven. Before you leave you should of course also visit the museum shop with a carefully curated assortment of Danish and Scandinavian design, including some MOEBE designs.  

Bredgade 68

DK-1260 København K




Inner Copenhagen

In inner Copenhagen, you will find places such as Torvehallerne, Kongens Have and Nyhavn. Places that you will find in most Copenhagen city guides. All very recommendable. But there are a few other places where we go more often and have a special relation to.


We almost cannot count how many times we have been to Høst. For us, Höst is always an experience, and therefore, also one of the restaurants we often invite guests out for dinner. The food is well prepared and you often leave having tasted either a new ingredient or served the food in a new, fun way - especially with the surprise-tastings in between courses. The interior, which fits the rustic, but elegant theme of the food, is also a reason for going to Høst. Designed by our fellow designers Norm Architects, who we collaborated with on the Floating Leaves prints, the interior has won several design awards. 

Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 

1364 København K



6  Stilleben

We cannot write a city guide to Copenhagen, without including Stilleben. Stilleben is one of the front-runners on the Danish design scene. They are always on the look-out for upcoming brands, and were one of the first to take our designs in. Since then, we have had several collaborations together and has become a great sounding board. The two owners, Ditte and Jelena, always have the finger on the pulse, so if you are looking to redo your home, Stilleben is the place to go.

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 3

1153 København 





Even though it is not too long ago that we moved our studio to Amager, one of our partners, Anders Thams has been living on Amager (an island in the city of Copenhagen) most of his adult life and therefore has great insider tips on what to do on Amager. 

7  Broaden & Build

Walking into Broaden & Build, you are met with a delicious smell of newly brewed beer. The restaurant is a mixture of industrial vibes and contemporary cuisine, and this is the place to be if you are into discovering new flavours, ingrediens and production techniques. And the food oh the food - simply outstanding. A MOEBE favourite for an after-work snack. 

Located on Refshaleøen, Broaden & Build is in the creative epicenter right next to entrepreneurs, craftsmanship and flea markets. 

Refshalevej 175A

1432 København 




8  Ismageriet

Are you an ice cream fan like us? Then you are in luck because the best ice cream shop in Copenhagen is located on Amager. The pretty large shop (for an ice cream shop) on Rued Langgaards Vej is designed with a classic respect for the details and a clear passion for design, as seen in the deep green tile patterns, furniture and the golden details. But of course, Ismageriet’s main attraction is their innovative and freshly made Gelato-inspired ice creams.

Rued Langgaards Vej 6e

2300 København



9  Tietgen Dormitory

Just across the canal from Ismageriet you will find the Tietgen Dormitory, which we highly recommend. Not to stay of course - but to walk around and enjoy the spectacular architecture. With two out of our three partners being architects, we of course cannot have a MOEBE guide without some architectural pearls. Go into the inner courtyard of the residence hall, where you will find the main common areas, which contrary to nature seem to be hanging freely in the air. 

Rued Langgaards Vej 10

2300 København


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10  Kastrup Sea Baths

If you are looking for a nice scenic walk, take a walk along Amager Strandpark, and end up at Kastrup Sea Baths for a little swim. This is one of Amager’s other architectural pearls. The bath is conceived as a sculptural dynamic form, which can be seen from the beach, the sea and the air. Its silhouette gradually changes as you move around it. At night, spotlights embedded in the wooden deck create a beautiful indirect lighting effect on the Sea Baths.

Kastrup Sea Bath

Amager Strandvej 301

2770 Kastrup

11  La Banchina

La Banchina is another restaurant that practises the ‘good food in very relaxed settings’ concept, and is therefore also another of especially Nick, our third partner’s regular dining places. La Banchina is located right down to the water, so you can either choose to just sit on the wooden pier or by their tables. Jump in the water, enjoy a glass of wine, sit in the sun, watch the sunset, taste good food. This is basically what La Banchina is all about. 

Refshalevej 141A

1432 København




12  A. Petersen Collection & Craft

A. Petersen is a hidden gallery just off Kløvermarksvej. From the outside you wouldn’t guess that this building is hiding such a large, open and bright space -we also first discovered it after moving to Amager. At A. Petersen you can experience all aspects of design and artisan craft. Both in their workshops and boutique on the ground floor and in their upstairs exhibition space, with changing exhibitions all year round.  

Kløvermarksvej 70

2300 Copenhagen





13  Wulff + Konstali

Wulff + Konstali is mostly known for their brunch - maybe Copenhagen’s most popular brunch. And we agree it is excellent. It is one of those build-and-mix your own brunch places. But besides brunch -  and why we often come there - they have a delicacy filled with home made quiches, frittatas, salads and all sorts of meatballs. As it is just down the street from our new studio, this is where we go if we are in the mood for a good takeaway alternative for lunch. But if you have the time, you should definitely stay and eat in their very instagram-friendly interior. 

Lergravsvej 57 

2300 København S 



14  CUB Coffee Bar

Just around the corner from Wulff + Konstali, you will find a little coffee shop called CUB Coffee Bar. There are only a few seats, so it is mostly for to-go coffees, but they also have smaller breakfast options such as croissants and yoghurt with granola. At CUB they roast their coffee beans several times a week to ensure that the coffee is always fresh. For this reason, we are often met by the soothing smell of coffee when coming to the studio, and who wouldn’t love that?

Grab a coffee to go and walk the 20 meters to Amager’s biggest attraction: MOEBE’s studio ;)

Strandlodsvej 48

2300 København




15  MOEBE studio

Of course, we have to mention our own studio in the MOEBE guide to Copenhagen. Our new studio is located in an old industrial building, where the main room is one large, open space. This is where the heart of MOEBE truly beats.

Even though this is not a shop we always welcome visitors to stop by to have a look and a little chat.

MOEBE studio

Strandlodsvej 42a

2300 København


Monday – Friday: 10 am - 4 pm

Saturday – Sunday: Closed



Vesterbro is the creative hotspot of Copenhagen, where the artists, designers and photographers hang out. It is also the area where you can find two of our favourite design shops. So naturally, we had to include Vesterbro in our guide. One of the design shops is located on Værnedamsvej or little Paris as some call it, where you will find all sorts of small speciality shops.

16  DANSKmadeforrooms

DANSKmadeforrooms is definitely one of Copenhagen’s go-to design shops, and not just because they carry MOEBE designs ;) All items in the shop are carefully curated by the two stylish sisters, Malene and Marie-Louise, who own the shop. What we really like about the place is that all items get the attention they deserve. The shop is never overcrowded with things and the space is open, with a minimalistic and clean interior. At DANSKmadeforrooms you can find anything from tableware to shelving systems.

Istedgade 80

1650 Copenhagen V






17  Skydebanegade and Skydebanehaven playground

If you have kids just like the most of us, you know that it can be a must to find a playground where you can have a little break while the kids play. A really cool playground just around the corner from DANSKmadeforrooms is Papegøjen (the parrot) in Skydebanegade. Take a little stroll down the cosy street and enjoy the old, elegant buildings before ending up on the playground behind the big wall. 

Absalonsgade 12

1658 København V


18  Duck and Cover

If you are looking for a place to have a drink or two, Duck and Cover is definitely one of the best places to go in Copenhagen. When entering Duck and Cover it’s like walking into someone’s living room in the 50’s. At Duck and Cover, you get the best of both worlds, comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere together with high-class gourmet cocktails. The best thing about Duck and Cover is the bartenders’ ability to create drinks just based on your own favourite flavours. You tell, they mix and volia your own favourite drink. 

Dannebrogsgade 6

1660 København



19  Les Trois Cochons

Visiting Les Trois Cochons is just like getting transported to France in a split second. Here you will only find French specialities on the menu made from French ingredients. Start your day off with a coffee and croissant or choose the bigger breakfast options such as eggs benedict. During the rest of the day, you can enjoy French bistro food such as oysters, tartar and steak frites. 

The interior is definitely also worth a mention. With its green tiles filling the side wall - which was actually there from back when it was a  butcher’s shop - and the black counter, windows and chairs it has a very industrial and raw feel to it. However, the large windows and marble counters in the windows softens and opens the restaurant up. 

Værnedamsvej 10

1619 København




20  Dora

The design shop DORA is one of our other must-go-to design shops. Dora differs from the other design shops as they carry a mix of items from smaller and more established design brands, among others MOEBE, but also vintage finds. Dora is therefore always interesting to walk into as the assortment is always different, but of course still carefully picked by the owner Sara. 


Værnedamsvej 6

1619 København




21  Laura's Bakery

Laura’s Bakery is a bakery chain with five shops in total. One of the really cosy ones is the one at Værnedamsvej. With the courtyard in the back, you can retreat and enjoy a cup of coffee and baked goods in the quiet courtyard. Again a favourite space of ours to retreat from the busy city life and how a little quiet moment - as you now know we prefer ;)

Værnedamsvej 4A

1619 København





Nørrebro, and especially the area around Jægersborggade and Stefansgade are our third partner, Nicholas Oldroyd’s favourite. Living in the area himself, Nicholas often grabs his to-go coffee or enjoy a night out at these places.

22  Designkollektivet

Designkollektivet is a shop collective of eight designers. All independent designers - one of who we used to share offices with and a good friend of ours. But more importantly, Designkollektivet is a visit worth if you are into unique handcrafted designs. The eight designers have merged across products, competencies and backgrounds to create an inspiring platform with synergy, and therefore you will find a very versatile selection in the shop. 

Stefansgade 12

2200 København




23  Mikkeller & Friends

Just down the street from Design Kollektivet you will find Mikkeller & Friends. With no less than 40 rotating taps of beer, Mikkeller & Friends has a beer for every taste. The interior is designed as a modern bierstube with raw wood materials and shiny, turquoise floors, giving it a masculine expression. A great spot to grab a few after-work beers. 

Stefansgade 35

2200 København






24  Manfreds

A favourite weekend-spot for Nicholas when hanging out with friends is Manfreds. At Manfreds you will mostly meet locals who are out to enjoy a nice evening with good food but in laid-back surroundings. The seating is tight giving it an intimate feel, which is also continued in the dishes served family style. 

Jægersborggade 40

2200 København



25  Terroiristen

Jægersborggade is filled with cosy little wine bars. One of the more unknown is Terroiristen, an underground wine bar and store, which mainly focus on ecological or biodynamic wines. As Terroiristen is both a bar and shop you can always take one or more of your favourite wines from the evening home. 

Jægersborggade 52

2200 København


26  The Coffee Collective

As you may have figured out by now, we love coffee, and coffee places revolving around a good cup of coffee. Coffee Collective is a good example of such a place. The coffee shop at Jægersborggade was the first Coffee Collective to open. They have plenty of seating inside, so it’s a good place to take a break from exploring the city. 

Jægersborggade 10

2200 København





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