Our guides


We always appreciate when people share inside tips to cities and places well known to them. This gives us the possibility to experience the world up close and from behind the facade - even places we only visit for a shorter period of time.


For us, inspiration comes from the things we do and the things we see. Whether biking around Copenhagen or visiting our partners, shop owners, or fellow studios around the world. Over time, we’ve discovered some great places and received some great tips - and so we created these guides to share them. These places are probably not in the Google top 10, Timeout or Lonely Planet. 


Our guides aren’t built up around product placements, payments or anything of the sort. Simply. They're local, do a great job and we truly believe they're places you should see. Enjoy!


Paris City Guide

Paris has always been an important city for us and our journey. It’s the city of our first big fair and a great place of inspiration, and the home of our good friends and partners Maxime and Lionel from Ouhlålaaa. We always appreciate inside tips ourselves, and of course, want to share these places with all of you.


Copenhagen City Guide

Most of our favourite areas and places can be found in the streets of Copenhagen. Some more known than others. Either way, we want you to experience them with us. 

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